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I am Orlando Auto Accident Attorney Michael T. Gibson and I am dedicated to helping accident victims and their families through the difficult, overwhelming, and often frustrating process of filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim. Whether you are looking for legal help for yourself or a loved one after a serious car accident, I will ensure your needs are met today and in the future.

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Every day, as drivers we are put in situations that can result in accidents. Though we always don’t always consider it when we get behind the wheels of our cars, we are assuming responsibility for potentially dangerous machines. Any Orlando Auto Accident Attorney can tell you, every decision we make - from yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks to driving more cautiously in the rain - while driving affects our safety, our passengers’ safety, and that of the motorists around us.

Of course, on top of the responsibility of driving safely, we also assume tremendous risk. Each time we go for a drive, we encounter dozens, if not hundreds, of other drivers. These drivers may be in passenger cars, semi trucks or tractor-trailers, or on motorcycles, and we are exposed to their decisions regardless of how carefully we operate our own vehicles. This is why it can be beneficial to know an Orlando Auto Accident Lawyer in your area who limits his practice to motor vehicle accidents.

My Mother's Car Accident Prompted Me to Become a Lawyer

When a serious accident results in devastating injuries, you need an Orlando car accident attorney who not only understands Florida’s legal system, but who also empathizes with what you’re going through. I understand how important legal representation is during an injury settlement because I’ve experienced firsthand just how helpful a lawyer can be after a serious auto accident. When my mother was injured in a car accident in 2000, I watched her attorney help her obtain a fair settlement against the negligent driver that caused her injuries.

This gentleman’s tenacity made such a difference in our family’s life that it inspired me to become a personal injury lawyer myself. I opened my own law firm in Orlando with an outstanding team capable of supporting our clients. The bi-lingual attorneys and staff at Michael T. Gibson, P.A. provide services to both English and Spanish-Speaking accident victims.

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